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Electric Plug & Sockets – Growing with Growth in Technological Advancement of These Products and Various Strategies Adopted By Key Players
 Published Date:  Nov-2017

A high voltage switching device used for power transmission applications in electric devices, inverters, and power supplies is known as Electric plug & sockets. At present, it is popularly used in residential, comm..... Read More>>

Virtual Reality in Gaming Market to Exhibit Strong Growth in the Coming Years
 Published Date:  Feb-2018

Virtual reality (VR) focuses on the formation of a virtual world that users can interact with. VR uses software to generate simulation of a three-dimensional image, sounds, and other sensations that replicate a real en..... Read More>>

Future and Growth of Hyperloop Technology Market: Fastest Mode of Transport
 Published Date:  Feb-2018

The hyperloop technology is a pod-like vehicle, operates over a reduced pressure tube that reaches average speeds of around 600mph. This technology provides transport facility at high speed with low cost, compared to o..... Read More>>