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Future and Growth of Hyperloop Technology Market: Fastest Mode of Transport
 Published Date:  Feb-2018

The hyperloop technology is a pod-like vehicle, operates over a reduced pressure tube that reaches average speeds of around 600mph. This technology provides transport facility at high speed with low cost, compared to o..... Read More>>

Virtual Reality in Gaming Market to Exhibit Strong Growth in the Coming Years
 Published Date:  Feb-2018

Virtual reality (VR) focuses on the formation of a virtual world that users can interact with. VR uses software to generate simulation of a three-dimensional image, sounds, and other sensations that replicate a real en..... Read More>>

Electric Plug & Sockets – Growing with Growth in Technological Advancement of These Products and Various Strategies Adopted By Key Players
 Published Date:  Nov-2017

A high voltage switching device used for power transmission applications in electric devices, inverters, and power supplies is known as Electric plug & sockets. At present, it is popularly used in residential, comm..... Read More>>

Rising Road Accident and Surge in Demand for Technologically Advanced Vehicle Shall Pace the Global Self-Driving Car Market
 Published Date:  Aug-2017

Over the past few years, innovations and economic developments have brought major changes in automotive industry leading to cleaner, safer, and affordable vehicles. Key automotive players across the globe are investing..... Read More>>